Devona is a multi-talented artist and creative entrepreneur based in Houston, TX. As the creative force behind Art By Devona, she has gained a reputation for creating flawlessly crafted artworks, murals, and prints that are nothing short of breathtaking. With a masterful use of colors and intricate details, she specializes in portraiture with a style that blends abstract and realism, resulting in pieces that radiate power, vulnerability, and strength. Her artworks and murals can be found in homes and businesses across the world.

But Devona's artistic talents are just the tip of the iceberg. With a collective social media reach of 43k across many platforms and growing, she's also worked with top brands such as DirecTV, Pravana, Google, and Shoedazzle. In addition, she is a co-founder of Strive & Grind, an international branding boutique that has earned recognition from Forbes. As the host of the gangSTAR* Creative Podcast, she shares her insights and wisdom to help other creatives thrive in their businesses and personal lives.

Whether you're seeking to add beauty to your surroundings or to enhance your personal brand, Devona is a true inspiration. Her commitment to excellence, dedication to her craft, and passion for helping others succeed make her a force to be reckoned with in the world of art and business.

  • Has 2 cute doggies, Midget & Spazzy (click here to see their cuteness)
  • Married to her high school sweetheart of 17 years
  • Loves throwback hip hop and R&B
  • Loves to dance all the time
  • From Virginia Beach, VA, but lives in Houston, TX
  • Created her first website when she was in the 4th grade
  • Loves spicy foods and always has room for desserts



My art is an exploration of the human experience through the blending of realism and abstraction. I am fascinated by the energy that radiates from each person, and my goal is to capture and convey that energy through my paintings. I achieve this by using a vibrant color palette and layering techniques to create dynamic portraits that are both powerful and authentic.

My portraits are not simply about physical appearances, but rather a celebration of the dichotomies that make us who we are. I explore the balance between strength and vulnerability, confidence and insecurity, and other internalized identities that shape our personalities. By capturing these nuances, I hope to inspire viewers to appreciate the beauty and complexity of the human experience.

Through my paintings, I invite viewers to enter a world of my creation, one that is rich in emotion, energy, and meaning. I believe that art has the power to connect us on a deep level, and I hope that my work sparks conversations and inspires people to embrace their own authenticity and strength.

Ultimately, my goal is to create art that not only speaks to me, but also to those who view it. My paintings are an invitation for viewers to enter into a world of vibrant color, raw emotion, and powerful energy. Through my art, I hope to inspire others to embrace their own strength, beauty, and authenticity, and to celebrate the richness of the human experience.