Devona Stimpson is an artist + creative entrepreneur living in Houston, TX. She is the artist and designer behind Art By Devona where she sells flawlessly crafted artworks, murals, and prints painted with a brilliant fusion of colors that you'll LOVE. Her muses are mostly powerful, sensual women who are not afraid to show their vulnerability. Their expressions and postures usually radiate power, vulnerability, and strength. Her artworks & murals can be found in homes and businesses across the world.

She's also the host of the gangSTAR* CREATIVE podcast h
elping creatives thrive in their business + lifethe co-founder of Strive & Grind - an international branding boutique, and a best-selling author, international speaker, and branding expert.

  • Has 2 cute doggies, Midget & Spazzy (click here to see their cuteness)
  • Married to her high school sweetheart of 15 years
  • Loves throwback hip hop and R&B
  • Loves to dance all the time
  • From Virginia Beach, VA, but lives in Houston, TX
  • Created her first website when she was in the 4th grade
  • Loves spicy foods and always has room for desserts



I find peace most when in a trance. I detach myself from my surroundings, as in contemplation or daydreaming. When I paint, I’m heavily influenced by emotion, specifically the emotion of being in this calming state. It’s a constant flow through the soul that occurs in the space between positive and negative energy. My subjects are mostly powerful, sensual women or admirable icons who are not afraid to show their vulnerability. Their expressions and postures radiate vulnerability as well as strength. My process always begins with the background. I apply multiple layers of medium, and through this process I find my spontaneity. I let my works speak to me, and I create as I go to express my own life experiences, current thoughts, emotions, and interests. A lot of my inspirations derive from emotions, music, pop culture, street art, nature, space, and the abstract. I am simply bringing everyone into my own world, my personal space, and my mind. Welcome.